Imagined Interiors

Imagined Interiors
Imagined Interiors

My most recent body of work discusses failures in communication and problems of knowledge and understanding. I first became interested in this subject matter as I navigated cancer treatment. Drawing on my own experience with Cancer Care Manitoba, this body of work discusses the evolution of how I understood my illness. I feel it is difficult to express this without the work also becoming a critique of this part of the medical system and discussing how the system communicates with patients without a scientific or medical background. I kept track of the different ways in which my condition was described to me by various medical professionals. I made drawings that reflected the form I imagined as each description changed my perception of what was inside me. Although they were all describing the same condition, the descriptions I was given varied greatly. I have titled the pieces with phrases spoken by medical professionals as they tried to guide me to an understanding of my condition. I hope that the viewer will be curious about the drawn forms, similar to the curiosity I felt as my condition was described to me.

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