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My sculpture “Mass” is a representation of an imagined interior form inspired by my experience with the medical system. As a patient recently treated for lymphatic cancer, being able to visualize the internal forms that were causing my illness was an important part of gaining an understanding of my condition. Although my condition was described to me by various medical professionals throughout my treatment these descriptions varied greatly and there was little visual information available. Drawing on conversations with hospital staff, I created an abstracted form that represents the interior mass I imagined. By making my interpretation of these descriptions visible, the work evolved into a commentary on the way that the medical system communicates with individuals who do not have a scientific or medical background. The suspended form and taught woven contours illustrate the volume and weight I imagined. I stayed away from materials and colours that imitate and reference traditional medical illustration and models intending to invoke in viewers a curiosity about the form similar to the curiosity I felt about my condition.


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