Visual Experiments with Gesture

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I have been working on a series of photographic experiments as I attempt to capture the communicative movement and shapes created by gesture. I am interested in gesture both as a communicative and nemonic device, and the relationship between gesture and speech.

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Positive Negatives


The series Positive Negatives work around the idea that the negative space pointed to in gesture acts as an informative visual. I have become interested in capturing, preserving and representing this temporal information in a way that it can be analysed and reflected upon. In this project, I am interested in documenting the negative spaces created in gesture separate from the the positives that define them. The forms in Positive Negatives where formed by the movement of my hands, based on captured video, around a malleable form. The source material and movements were based on the description of and reaction to an imagined interior form. The movements of my hands created forms which I them manipulated and abstracted, taking liberties to include characteristics of the forms I imagined.


Take In/Push Out

Take In/Push Out is a new series of drawings which deal with the cyclical consuming and rejecting of products and packaging. Relying on contour line, I am creating a fragmented topography of the refuse and household items I observe. Although the piles of trash on the curbs are transient they are almost immediately replaced after collection. In this way are like permanent feature of the landscape.

Studio Installation
Studio Installation

Upon moving to New York I noticed there are no back lanes and that businesses, restaurants, and private residences put their trash out for collection along the front curb of the street. This makes the cycle of consumption and rejecting increasingly visible.

New York:

Pratt, Brooklyn New York
Pratt, Brooklyn New York

I have recently moved to New York City to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute. I have settled in to my new studio in Brooklyn where I look forward to spending the next two years. New work to come!

Solo Art Exhibition: Imagined Interiors

Imagined Interiors opened last night at C Space Gallery in the Frame Arts Warehouse, Winnipeg, MB. The body of work in the exhibition discusses my perspective on communication as a layperson recently treated for lymphatic cancer. Through a series of drawings and a sculpture, the work makes comment on how a variety of medical professionals communicate with patients who do not have a scientific or medical background (and the successes and failures of that communication). The show runs until August 1st.


MacDougall1 MacDougall2


My sculpture “Mass” is a representation of an imagined interior form inspired by my experience with the medical system. As a patient recently treated for lymphatic cancer, being able to visualize the internal forms that were causing my illness was an important part of gaining an understanding of my condition. Although my condition was described to me by various medical professionals throughout my treatment these descriptions varied greatly and there was little visual information available. Drawing on conversations with hospital staff, I created an abstracted form that represents the interior mass I imagined. By making my interpretation of these descriptions visible, the work evolved into a commentary on the way that the medical system communicates with individuals who do not have a scientific or medical background. The suspended form and taught woven contours illustrate the volume and weight I imagined. I stayed away from materials and colours that imitate and reference traditional medical illustration and models intending to invoke in viewers a curiosity about the form similar to the curiosity I felt about my condition.


MacDougall3 MacDougall4

Festival Flasks

Over the past few months I have been producing hand cast porcelain flasks and water bottles. The bottles are cast from the forms of antique glass bottles.

I began by pairing two materials which I have always had an affinity for – porcelain and leather – and constructing by hand a fitted casing for each individual bottle with a cross-body strap. I hope that this addition will make my hand made flasks and water bottles a practical fit for summer parties, barbecues, and music festivals.

Untitled (2014), Cast Porcelain and  Leather
Untitled (2014), Cast Porcelain and Leather

Ceramic Works

Ceramic bottles 1

Recently I have been working on functional ceramic pieces – some of which are traditionally glazed, and others which have ties to my work in drawing and painting. To access these new works click the “Ceramics” tab in the navigation bar on the home page.  For more on my process and the creation of those pieces visit – here I share photographs and thoughts about my creative process.




The above gallery features recent works from a project that is still in progress. This body of work is growing into an exploration of the strangeness of being in-between through portraiture.